DIY Juice Dipped Gift Tags

DIY Juice Dipped Gift Tags.Hi Everyone! Today I wanted to share a quick and easy gift tag idea that comes straight from your kitchen. There are plenty of creative crafts to do this season, and while it’s fun to explore the craft store, sometimes it’s nice to have at least one thing in your craft project that is readily available in your own home. These DIY juice dipped gift tags are just the thing if you still want to add that personal touch, but without too much fuss.

For this project, you will need the following materials:

materials-juice dipped gift cards

  • gift tags
  • juice crystals (or a dark juice that stains paper)
  • stamps
  • ink pad
  • ribbons
  • small bowl (not pictured)
  • empty plastic bottle (not pictured)

Step 1:  Prepare the juice mix.

If using juice crystals, do NOT follow the instructions. You will need far more juice crystals per quantity of water than indicated. I used a small amount of water, about a quarter cup, and added 5-8 pouches to start, then added more as needed. Pour the juice crystals and water into an empty plastic bottle, tighten the lid and shake until the crystals have completely dissolved. Pour into a small bowl.

Pour out juice mix - juice dipped gift tags.

Test the colour using a spare gift tag – if you can spare it – or a paper towel. I recommend the gift tag as it will give you an accurate visual. If the colour is too light, then add more crystals. If too dark, add a bit more water.

When satisfied with the colour, set the bowl aside.

Step 2:  Stamp the gift tag.

Take out your stamp and ink pad. I used a festive gold colour, but any colour will do. Stamp the gift tag on the upper half, leaving space at the bottom for dipping!

Stamp gift tag - juice dipped gift tags.

Step 3:  Dip gift tag.

Dip your stamped gift tag into the bowl of juice at an angle or straight, if you prefer.

Dip gift tag in juice.

Let dry by leaning the gift tag against the bowl or glass or cup, allowing the juice to drain out the bottom. You may have a bit of build up along the bottom edge. You can always wait a few minutes and then gently wipe the bottom edge on a cloth and then continue to dry.

Step 4:  Add a festive ribbon.

Once dried, simply add a festive ribbon to your gift tag!

Add ribbon - juice dipped gift tags.

Add ribbon - juice dipped gift tags.

Repeat this process using the same colour or a variety. You can control the richness of the colour depending on how much or little water is used in the juice mix. In some cases, some juices cannot get any darker. I loved the softness of the green above, but had a lot of fun with deeper cherry hues below.

Add ribbon - juice dipped gift tags.

Add ribbon - juice dipped gift tags.

Add ribbon - juice dipped gift tags.

These DIY juice dipped gift tags are an easy way to add a personal touch to your gifts this season. Hope you give these a try 🙂


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    December 6, 2015 at 1:57 am

    I like the colours! The only thing is, I don’t think we have anything like juice crystals in Australia 🙁 so, maybe beetroot juice or pomegranate might work, do you think?

    • Reply
      December 6, 2015 at 9:34 pm

      Hi Claire,
      The darker the juice, the better at staining paper it will be. Use a few test strips and see which works. I have not tried beetroot juice, but I do know that beets are known for staining – my fingers can attest to that 😉 Not sure if you have Kool-Aid or not, but that seems to work as well. Hope one of these options works for you!

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