DIY Yarn Wall Hanging

This DIY yarn wall hanging is simple to make and creates a soft statement on any wall or space.With macramé and wall yarn art making a major comeback in home décor these days, I wanted to incorporate it somewhere in my home. If you caught my home tour in an earlier post, you would have seen my diy yarn wall hanging in the reading corner of our bedroom. It was so easy and so much fun to make that even the non-crafters out there can whip this up in no time.  Depending on your space or the impact you wish to make, you can make this as wide or as long as you want, using whatever colours, yarn thickness, and type of anchor (dowel, branch, copper pipe, etc) you require to make your personal style statement – rustic, traditional or modern – for whatever space you need to fill. And it’s a great alternative to hanging yet another framed photo or print on your wall!

diy wall hanging supplies

To make this yarn wall hanging, you will need the following supplies:

  1. Variety of yarn in different colours
  2. An anchor (I chose this branch from a large, mixed bouquet I had on hand)
  3. 3M Command wall hook
  4. Scissors (not shown)

Putting it all together: First, you may need to cut the anchor to the size you want. Alternatively, choose your anchor style and length before making your purchase at the store. Make sure to take into consideration the width of your hanging, then add 1.5-2 inches on either end.

Second, cutting the yarn: Take your first strand of yarn colour in hand. Determine the length that you want the yarn to be when hanging from the anchor. Then double it…and double it again so that the yarn is now 4 times the length you will want. (e.g., if you choose to have a 1-foot hanging, then you will want 4-feet). The yarn should end up looking like the letter “M.”

diy wall hanging - loop ends

Now, make two cuts: first, the end of the “M” and then cut in half:

diy wall hanging-cuts

diy wall hanging - second cut

You should now have two loops at one end and the cut ends at the other:

DIY wall hangin - cut ends

DIY wall hanging - 2 loops

Next, take the 2 loops and place together as shown above. Place the looped ends on top of the anchor, leaving a few inches of space above. Then take the cut ends and feed them under the anchor.

loop around anchor

Pull the cut ends up between the looped end and the anchor and pull to make a knot:

diy hanging - first knot

Continue making more yarn loops to knot around the anchor. Use the same colour yarn until you are happy with what you have before moving onto the next colour. For this hanging, there are 4 main colours plus a turquoise accent colour for interest, but you can use any accent colour (or none).

Next, create the yarn mechanism that will allow you to hang your wall hanging by cutting a long piece of yarn (in this case, I used the same turquoise accent yarn) and tying the ends around either side of the anchor.

diy hanging - turquoise hanger

Adhere a 3M hook on the wall (follow the simple hanging instructions on the package). Hang your wall hanging on the wall.

Last steps: Now you are ready for the final part. Push the knots into place so that they each line up neatly on your wall. Comb the yarn with your fingers to smooth out any strays.

diy hanging - comb out

Then cut – slowly – along the bottom to create an angular shape of your choosing.

diy hanging - cutting bottom

Once you are happy with the desired effect, you can now sit back and enjoy your one-of-a-kind wall craft!


yarn hanging in reading corner

yarn hanging - side view

diy yarn hanging This yarn wall hanging is so simple to make and is a great alternative to traditional wall art. If you are tired of the same-old photos and prints in your home, why not try this easy, DIY wall hanging instead. Easy to make. And easy to enjoy:)

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