DIYs to Try This Weekend

agate slices - aprettyfix.comI purchased these beautiful little agate slices at a local native arts and crafts shop a few weeks back. I had just finished having lunch out in the middle of my work week, connecting with some very special ladies, and decided to pop into the shop on the way back to work to see if there were any inspiring DIY items I might find there. I am not always one to shop with purpose as I never ever know what I might find. And there were plenty of interesting items from beads to feathers to candles to jewelry as well as handcrafted moccasins. I just love to wander through craft stores of all kinds taking it all in. This, as Anne of Green Gables might say, provides plenty of ‘scope for the imagination’ 🙂

But, like a moth to a flame, I gravitated towards an unmarked, small container of beautiful agate slices. There were so many gorgeous colours to choose from: blues, greens, pinks, browns, and creams. I simply loved the way each piece that I picked up was so incredibly unique with its own spectrum of colours, shapes and aesthetic appeal. Once I found out the price – just $6 each – I determined to select 3 pieces that were about the same size, but of different, complementary colours. I’ve often thought about using agate slices as wall art and selected these three for that (potential) purpose. But given the size of them – a little over 3 inches each – I may find another use for them yet.

Still undecided, I perused the internet to find some inspiring – and easy – DIY projects using my agate slices. Here are my top selections (so far). Some are just perfectly suited to the slices I have, while others may require a different shape and size of slices. Regardless, these are such inspiring DIYs to try this weekend, that I wanted to share them with you all here:

Jewelry Box:

agate jewelry box

Source: Making Lemonade Blog


diy agate necklace

Source: Hello Natural

Wall Art:

agate wall art

Source: The Etsy Blog

Framed Wall Art:

framed agate art

Source: Dans le Lakehouse


agate coasters

Source: Creative Home

Drawer Pull:

drawer pull

Source: The Merry Thought

Wall Hooks:

wall hooks

Source: East Coast Creative

All of these are practical, beautiful ways to showcase agate in the home – and in one’s wardrobe – that it is just so darn difficult to choose! I am STILL undecided, as a result! When I do decide, I will share the project in a future post. In the meantime, I’ll think and dream about it some more 🙂

If these projects have inspired  your imagination, you can always find agate slices online on Amazon or Etsy. Who knows? I may just be inspired enough this weekend to attempt one of these projects in my own home. Stay tuned!

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