Creative Weekend Links

Creative Weekend Links

Have you ever spent the entire weekend in your pajamas? Yep, me too. Sometimes I think the most creative times can be when we are schlepping around the house, coffee in hand, wearing fuzzy slippers, hair up, and draped in our pj’s.  Ah, the life! If I could, I’d go to work this way. Perhaps that’s why I envy my cat Napoleon, pictured here in one of his favourite napping corners. Never bothering to change – even for company! – Napoleon is at once curious, creative, playful, inventive, resourceful, and energetic with a generous dose of laziness. I think I’ll be pulling a Napoleon this weekend. The next couple of days are definitely calling out for a little pajama-wearing-craft-making-laziness. The list below contains just some of the crafts and DIY’s that are inspiring me lately. Hope they spark something for anyone else who wants to join me in carving out a creatively lazy weekend too 😉

– My new favourite DIY abstract art idea, but with a – very cool – twist.

– This space-saving vertical planter is genius. Comes with a great step-by-step tutorial, too.

– Who knew a DIY boot tray could be so fresh and pretty?

– Love this simple rose sugar scrub recipe – the colour is so lovely too. Great for a bathroom display!

– Found the perfect free computer wallpaper – I just may use it for my other devices too.

– I’m all about no-bake desserts like this one using a mason jar!

Hope you have  yourselves a creatively lazy weekend 🙂


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