Simple, Modern Pinecone Décor Ideas

These simple, modern pinecone décor ideas are a great way to inject natural and raw elements by adding charm and character in the home.After last week’s post for yarn-wrapped pinecones, it got me thinking about pinecone décor, particularly those who ‘do’ and those who ‘don’t.’ On the one side are those who avoid using pinecones, seeing them as passé, having no place in a modern home and space. For these folks, pinecones are too rustic, too old-fashioned and better left with pitchfork décor. And – well – they may have a point. Maybe. On the other side, however, are those who see pinecones as something beyond the clichéd divisions of modern vs old-fashioned; beyond the definitions of ‘tacky’ or ‘kitschy. They see pinecones as any other piece of décor – full of possibilities and only limited by our imaginations.

As  you may have guessed, I fall into the latter category (if such divisions even do exist – lol! – I don’t think people give the subject much thought. They’re only pinecones after all 😉 ). But, I gotta say, I do love ’em. There is something so raw and lovely about them; their shape, their colour, their ‘architectural’ quality with all their sharp and hard edges. And with geometric shapes and patterns appearing in all manner of home décor, prints and clothing these days, it seems to me that pinecones are – and maybe I’m reaching here – their natural and raw equivalent.

Regardless, pinecones are a great way to inject both rustic and modern style into the home. You can incorporate them ‘as is’ or get a little crafty with them for a whole new look. Today, I’ve gathered 10 of my favourite simple, modern pinecone décor ideas to incorporate into the home this fall.

1.  In Glassware

Pinecones in Large Glass Jars.

Source: Tutze

pinecones and flowers

Source: Suburban Faux Pas

in glass jar

Source: Mountainside Bride

2. In a Bowl, Basket or Open Container

Who says rustic means old-fashioned? There are plenty of ways to keep true to a country-inspired modern style.  A monochromatic colour-palette, for example, can keep things fresh. Simply arranged, pinecones add a sweet touch to a modern rustic space.

wire basket

Source: Vibeke Design

books 2

Source: Frog Goes to Market

in a taureen

Source: via flickr

in bowl, artfully placed

Source: Country Living

For those of you with a more funky, ‘arty’ bent to your home décor, why not transform an old globe into a bowl? Makes for an interesting statement, don’t you think?

globe bowl

Source: Midwest Living

3. Individually or Loosely Arranged


Source: The 36th Avenue

gold harvest table

Source: via Better Homes and Gardens

circular table, loosely placed

Source: Wedding Chicks

neon placecard holder

Source: via buzzfeed


Source: Rustic Wedding Chic

4. Painted or Bleached

painted white

Source: Town and Country Living

gold painted

Source: Crab + Fish

bleached look

Source: via Home Talk


Source: WhimZeeCal

5. Hanging


Source: A Practical Wedding


Source: Woolly Mutts

pinecone door hanger

Source: Live a Little Wilder

hanging on pitchers

Source: via buzzfeed

chair backs

Source: Sophia’s Decor

6. In a simple, non-fussy wreath


Source: i heart naptime

full pinecone wreath

Source: Keep Calm and Decorate

This twig wreath is ingeniously simple, spare and yet oh-so-lovely. A very Scandi-inspired look.

twig wreath

Source: via From China Village

7. Crafted: paper and felt

Who says you need real pinecones to decorate your home? Crafted out of materials like paper and felt, you can create a crafty and artful statement instead.


Source: Lia Griffith

felt pinecones

Source: Better Homes and Gardens

8. Pinecone Art

Pinecone art is another way to inject the warmth of fall without the fuss of creating arrangements or crafting.

pinecone watercolour

Source: Available on Etsy at Seaside Studios UK

pinecones print

Source: Available on Etsy – Kate Dolamore

pinecone print in black and white

Source: Available on Etsy at Four Petal Designs

9. Pinecone Pillows

pinecone pillow

Source: Available at Land’s End

green pinecone pillowSource: Available at Zazzle

society 6 pillow

Source: Available at Society 6 

10. Pinecone Pendant

And finally, I just had to share this unique pinecone-shaped pendant to the list. It has a modern, architectural feel to it that has a natural warmth you wouldn’t expect in such a modern fixture. Unusual? Maybe. But when lit, it creates a lovely ambient light.

pendant for purchase

Source: Available at Alibaba

I loved putting this list together for you all. Pinecones, like any other piece of nature or décor item, need not be limited by its traditional uses nor originally-crafted purposes in the home. Real or faux, they can add warmth and interest to your space. I’ve already been inspired by a couple of these items that have made it to my ‘to-do’ list this season.

So, what do you think? Any items catch your eye? Any make you scratch your head thinking ‘why oh why’ would I ever do or purchase that? Speak your mind! Would love to hear your thoughts.


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