15 Home Décor Inspired Jewelry Crafts

Jewelry-making is a great way to teach yourself home crafts and DIYs that you've always wanted to try. This list of 15 jewelry crafts provide basic introductions to such home crafting traditions as weaving, macrame and more. Styling and crafting a home can sometimes feel intimidating. Where to start? What to do? If you start with something small, however, you can always pick up useful skills and knowledge that you can build on and that can help you begin putting your own unique stamp on your home. For me, seeing the amazing projects of other bloggers (and there are some incredibly talented individuals out there in the blogosphere) helps to inspire and challenge me further to acquire new skills and learn more about the possibilities in my home.

One of the best places to start is to learn to craft something small, like a piece of jewelry.  A lot can be learned about home crafts through jewelry crafts. The woven necklace tutorial listed below, for example, teaches you the basics of weaving which can give you the foundational skills for home projects like wall weavings (see my intro to wall weavings here). The same goes for the macramé and rope bracelets in this list which can get you started with macramé wall hangings (see my tutorial here) and rope decor (such as my easy-peasy rope coasters). Even the chain and wire jewelry in this list can easily be used to create framed art or an embellishment for your furniture, such as a drawer pull or adornment of some kind. The possibilities are limitless 🙂

This list of 15 jewelry crafts, therefore, contains not only the makings of some uniquely beautiful accessories to wear, but new skills to apply to your home style and decor this season:

1.  Woven Necklace

woven necklace

Source: A Beautiful Mess

2.  Marble Necklace

marble necklace

Source: The Merry Thought

3.  Double-Chain Necklace

double chain necklace

Source: I Spy DIY

4.  Beaded Necklace

beaded necklace

Source: Jazzberry

5.  Fishtail Bracelets 


Source: I Spy DIY

6.  Rope Bracelets

rope bracelets

Source: Brit & Co.

7.  Macramé Bracelets

macrame bracelets2

Source: via Beads.Us

8.  Chain Woven Bracelet

chain woven bracelet

Source: DIY Ready

9.  Studded Bracelets

studded bracelets

Source: Martha Stewart

10.   Wire Ring

wire ring

Source: SwellMayde

11.  Doily Ring


Source: Yellow Spool

12.  Silk Stacking Ring


Source: the lovely dept

13.  Peach Wrapped Ring

Source: Oh Everything Handmade

14.  Fabric Button Earrings

button earrings back


Source: Brit + Co.

15.  Tassel Earrings

tassel earrings

Source: Hello Natural

Bonus: Yarn-Wrapped Chain Link Bracelet

And just in case you missed it, you can see my tutorial for a yarn-wrapped chain link bracelet here.

Add a pop of colour to a plain chain link bracelet with this easy-to-make yarn-wrapped bracelet. A unique and lovely gift idea.

I hope this list of jewelry crafts inspire you to see that crafting in one area need not limit you. The applications of jewelry making alone – beyond creating something beautiful and unique to wear – can inspire a wide variety of home projects and DIY’s. We are only limited by what our imaginations can supply.

So, go ahead and let your imaginations run a little wilder this season 🙂

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