10 Creative Ways to Bring the Outdoors In

10 Creative Ways To Bring The Outdoors InI love decorating with natural elements.  In my mother’s day, flower arrangements and seashells were the go-to decor pieces for bringing the outdoors in.  But nowadays nature-inspired decor is far more diverse.  From pillows to pottery, coat hooks and wallpaper, the nature motif is seen just about everywhere.  While styles and tastes may change, using nature to decorate the home is here to stay – and I couldn’t be happier. So today I am sharing my 10 favourite ways to bring the outdoors in (besides flowers and seashells ;) ).  Most are low cost and all add coziness in the home and perhaps a little whimsy, too.


As a lifelong fan of pinecone decor, I like to mix it up to keep things interesting. One way of adding a bit of ‘craft’ to your pinecones (and a great project for the kiddos) is to wrap them in yarn for added texture and colour.

These modern, yarn-wrapped pinecones are a great way to inject some colour into your fall decor this year. A fun and easy project to share with the kids.

If yarn is not your ‘thing’ then brighten up your pinecones by painting the tips to add some pops of colour.


Source:  Whimzeecal

If you are a ‘purist’ then you may prefer your pinecones au naturale – thank you very much! There are plenty of great applications, including adding a large bundle to a basket

2015 fall home tour - foyer

or popping them in glassware as part of a pretty table setting.

pinecones and flowers

Source:  Suburban Faux Pas

//For more on using pinecones in your home check out SIMPLE, MODERN PINECONE DECOR IDEAS//

2.  Use Vases To Display Non-Floral Elements

When adding interest in your home, try the unexpected. One of my favourite ways to do this is by using unconventional elements in vases, like branches with leaves

2015 fall home tour - foyer

10 Creative Ways To Bring The Outdoors In

long twigs or bare branches

TV stand/storage

…or pussy willows (on this buffet) and small twigs (on this tablescape).

2015 fall home tour - dining space


I just love how gnarled roots and branches look in a space – the gnarlier the better!  For added impact, place them on clean, plain surfaces where they can take center stage. For example, try a simple addition to a dresser, like this grapewood root

or in a glass vase filled with sand in this reading nook…

or on a high surface – like this bookcase decorated for fall – for added impact.


Another easy way to integrate outdoor elements in your home is by placing them on a stack of books, like the bright white sea coral below. Next to this DIY Whitewash Abstract Art, the sea coral complements the vignette by adding texture and visual appeal.

How To Create Whitewash Abstract Art

You can also try incorporating nature-inspired decor in bookcases.  It’s a great way to break up the monotony of seeing rows of books, while also allowing you to feature your favourite outdoor-inspired pieces like this rustic-looking bird…

10 creative ways to bring the outdoors in.

or this tree trunk inspired vase…

10 creative ways to bring the outdoors in.

The trick is to integrate outdoor bits seamlessly into your existing layout.  Rocks – real or faux – are possibly the easiest and ‘earthiest’ things you can use to accomplish this.  Take a look at this coffee table vignette that happens to include other nature-inspired decor as well – can you spot the rock?

Coffee Table Decorating, 5 Ways - aprettyfix.com

Coffee Table Decorating, 5 Ways - aprettyfix.com


Next to flower arrangements, houseplants are possibly the first thing you think of when you want to bring the outdoors in.  And why not?  They add loads of coziness to a home.  It also does not take much to achieve this. Just take a look at these rooms to see what I mean.

baskets add warmth to a living room

Source:  Rain On A Tin Roof


Source:  Love On Sunday

plants to create cozy living room

Source:  A Beautiful Mess

But if you are known as a plant-killer 😉 then why not try your hand at these easy-to-care-for mini cacti plants.

Add some lovely pops of smoky colour with these mini marbled painted pots. A fun DIY project for your home.

Caring for cacti is much easier than other houseplants.  After reading about just how easy cactus care is here, then pop over here and learn how to create the mini marbled painted pots pictured above.


With any decorating scheme, bringing in quirky elements adds a relaxed and interesting vibe to your home and antlers surely accomplish this. While some trends come and go, antler decor seems to be here to stay. I happen to have a couple of real shed antlers that my husband stumbled upon while stomping around in the woods (or at least I imagine him stomping around like a big kid 😉 ). I am always sneaking them out of the garage and into the home to create fun vignettes, like this fall foyer display.

2015 fall home tour - foyer

2015 fall home tour - foyer

I also love the unexpected interest that antlers bring to a traditional vignette. Using nature-inspired decor to create contrast between raw elements and prettier objects provides additional visual appeal as this coffee table vignette shows.

Coffee Table Decorating, 5 Ways - aprettyfix.com

Coffee Table Decorating, 5 Ways - aprettyfix.com

If using antlers to decorate your home seems a bit too rustic for your taste, then try using small-sized versions like these Christmas ornaments to add style statements in a tray

2015 fall home tour - console

…or as part of a loose display on a table.

side table 1 - Christmas 2015

side table 2 - Christmas 2015


For a more utilitarian project, try giving an old plastic boot tray a fresh face by filling it with rocks to hide those nasty drippings that form at the bottom.

This boot tray makeover is a great way to turn a ho-hum boot tray into a stylish spot for your footwear. It's all in the details!

Best of all, maintenance is easy. Simply empty the tray and clean off the bottom with soapy water and a rag. Do this at least once or twice a year.


Wreaths need not be relegated to the outdoors.  In fact, their versatility in both style and form make them great additions to interior spaces, including foyers, bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms, or as part of a gallery wall display. Here are some indoor wreath displays that I’ve used just this past  year.

2015 fall home tour - living room

dining table - Christmas 2015

half wall - full view - Christmas 2015

Make your own custom wreaths to cater to your taste and style. Check out these DIY wreath tutorials for some inspiration:

Making a pretty (faux) wildflower wreath is a lovely way to bring the outdoors in. In this step by step tutorial, learn how to make your own wildflower wreath for your home, wedding or special event.

Source:  A Pretty Fix

Usher in the season using a modern, colour block pattern with this DIY (faux) Wildflower Wreath. No glue or floral wire is required!Source:  A Pretty Fix

This do-it-yourself felt boxwood wreath makes a chic addition to your holiday decor - and one that will last!

Source:  A Pretty Fix


Soft furnishings like bedspreads or pillows are another lovely way to inject some outdoor coziness inside the home. There are plenty of great options at your local home goods stores. Best of all, they integrate well with any style or taste.

master bedroom

guest bedroom

2015 fall home tour - den

10.  WILD AT ‘ART’

And, finally, don’t forget that art depicting the outdoors is another great way of adding warmth and interest.  Antique stores are the best places to find affordable, quirky pieces. Try to vary how you display your artwork by hanging them the traditional way or by leaning them against walls and mirrors as part of a vignette.

encaustic art


2015 fall home tour - dining space

guest bath 2

ensuite 2

guest bedroom


Bringing the outdoors in the home can be done in so many subtle, yet creative ways these days.  Crafted or bought, nature-inspired decor is a fun way to inject a little whimsy while simultaneously creating a soft and cozy space to kick your feet up in and enjoy. I hope these 10 creative ways to bring the outdoors in inspires you to further explore how you, too, can add a relaxed, natural vibe into your home.

Happy decorating 🙂

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      That is so sweet of you to say Samara! I know exactly how you feel – been there. For many years, in fact. But I say there’s no time like the present to decorate any space you are in – whether it is your bedroom or a room you rent. Picking up just a few things to personalize your space can make you feel quite at home wherever you happen to be. Glad you enjoyed the post. Take care!

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    These are such great ways to bring nature into your decor! It’s such an easy, beautiful way to decorate your home on a budget. I just love the natural look that those things add to the home. And those ombre pinecones are so pretty!

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      May 20, 2016 at 12:20 pm

      Nature-inspired decor is so readily available these days, both around the home and in stores (even my local grocery store carries it) and I just love it! The best part is that you can make it as rustic or as modern as you like and as eclectic or as minimal as you like. The possibilities are endless 🙂

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    Mary-the boondocks blog
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    Jelica there are so many great ideas here. And the best part is that most of them are free. No need to spend big bucks to make your home look beautiful. You have gathered up a great collection of inspiration. I just came back from the farm today with bunch of branches!

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      Lol! That’s great Mary! Hope you share some decor projects using those branches. There are so many possibilities using the natural resources all around us 🙂

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    These are great suggestions. I’m working on bringing more outdoor items into my home with some faux succulents and flowers. Thanks for sharing this on Merry Monday.

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      Thanks Erlene 🙂 It is surprisingly easy and inexpensive and, best of all, really makes a house feel cozy. Take care!

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    I love bringing natural elements indoors. Thanks for sharing on the DIY Party!

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      Me too 🙂 The fun part for me was discovering all the sneaky ways I brought the outdoors in – without even realizing it 🙂

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      LOL! I know what you mean Catherine 🙂

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      Thanks Charlene. The river stones in the shoe tray really have done the trick and continue to hide the splatters. It’s definitely made a difference in the mudroom – not so ‘muddy’ anymore 😉 Take care!

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    Janet Vinyard
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    Hi Jelica, Great post! So interesting and full of so many ideas to try! I especially liked the section on gnarled objects as well as the one on antlers! Thanks for sparking some creative thoughts for me! Blessings, Janet

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      I do love unusual touches in the home – ‘gnarly’ decor and antlers fit the bill for me in this regard! Blessings to you too Janet 🙂

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