Cozy Winter Decorating Ideas

Once the Christmas decorations have been put away, our homes can look barren and 'cold.' But with these cozy winter decorating ideas, take your home from flat to warm and cozy. Get inspired to get through this winter with these simple tips to warm up your winter decor.Once holiday decorations have been put away, it can be tempting to wait until spring before decorating again. After all, the winter blahs have a way of stunting our creative selves leaving us unmotivated to do very much (anyone else relate?). This invariably leaves our homes feeling bare and even ‘cold.’ I want to encourage you to fight against those winter blahs!

Today, I’m sharing some simple, cozy decorating ideas for winter. Each one of these tips are easy to replicate. I would recommend that you first shop your home for a budget-friendly solution to accompany the tips below. Then, if you’d like, treat yourself with a splurge or two for an additional hit of fun and cheerfulness (I mean, who doesn’t need a pick-me-up this season?).

Read on for some of my favourite cozy winter decorating ideas:


Cozy Winter Decorating Ideas - pillows and throws

Almost everyone has a couple of throw pillows and blankets lying around. Rather than stuffing them in a storage bin, place them on a chair, a sofa or bench, and see how much warmth they add. If you don’t do anything else except this, you will up your home’s cozy factor in a major way.

Cozy Winter Decorating Ideas - pillows and throws

Cozy Winter Decorating Ideas - pillows and throws

This classic pairing in home decor does so much to warm up a space. Both elicit feelings of restfulness and add more softness to a room. Whether your space is dark or bright, pillows and throws are a great way to add warmth.


Cozy Winter Decorating Ideas - add texture

By texture, I mean anything that adds dimension through soft materials, such as rugs, baskets, wicker trays, chunky blankets, throws with tassels, embroidered or woven pillows, drapes, and just about any throw blanket or pillow out there.

Cozy Winter Decorating Ideas - add texture

Texture is absolutely essential in preventing a space from looking too ‘flat’ or cold. Texture creates a welcoming atmosphere that invites you, your family, and your friends to make themselves feel at home.


You’ve probably read this more than once on this blog, but bringing a bit of the outdoors in is one of the best ways to add warmth to your home. It brings with it feelings of comfort and a sense of freshness that we associate with the outdoors.

You can add outdoor elements in dozens of ways, but some of my favourites include:


Cozy Winter Decorating Ideas - add flowers

Shed Antlers

Cozy Winter Decorating Ideas - shed antlers


Cozy Winter Decorating Ideas - add wood pieces


Cozy Winter Decorating Ideas - add pinecones

(For more ideas on adding natural elements, see 10 Creative Ways To Bring The Outdoors In).


Cozy Winter Decorating Ideas - add warm metallics

Gold, brass or copper are lovely elements to add a touch of cozy to your space. Like curling up to a warm fire, warm metallics give off a relaxed vibe, whether they are a more lively gold or a subtle copper.

Cozy Winter Decorating Ideas - add warm metallics

My current go-to metallic is gold and I love how it plays off of the lighter, creamier elements in our home. (You may recognize the photo below from this fall living room tour. I’ve swapped out a few accessories on our coffee- and side-tables since then, but the rest of the room remains the same).

Cozy Winter Decorating Ideas - add warm metallics

While I also love silver and mercury metallics, these can make a space feel ‘cool,’ so experiment with your space and balance out the warm and cool elements within.


Okay, so who does not have a candle or two around the house? Probably the most budget-friendly item on this list, a candle literally adds warmth when lit and radiates a subtle glow.

Cozy Winter Decorating Ideas - candles

Cozy Winter Decorating Ideas - candles

If there is one thing you can treat yourself to, then might I suggest purchasing a few candles? With or without a scent, candles are an easy way to liven up a space.

The same can be said about lanterns. I have only recently started using them in the home and, let me tell you, I am definitely pro-lantern! I’ve used them in our foyer and love the overall effect.

Cozy Winter Decorating Ideas - add lanterns

Cozy Winter Decorating Ideas - add lanterns


Cozy Winter Decorating Ideas - books and magazines

Yes, books and magazines! Like pillows and throws, books and magazines go hand in hand in creating a relaxed atmosphere. Think, library. Think, hushed whispers. Think, people sitting in a quiet corner, thumbing through a magazine. I cannot imagine any room without a stack of books or magazines to leaf through.

Cozy Winter Decorating Ideas - books and magazines

Cozy Winter Decorating Ideas - books and magazines

Not the ‘library type’? Okay, but at least we can agree that books and magazines make a room feel less austere, less stuffy, and more relaxed.

Cozy Winter Decorating Ideas - add warm metallics

(For more ideas on how to decorate with books, see 12 Book Topper Ideas To Up Your Home’s Style and Coffee Table Decorating, 5 Different Ways).


Still need more ideas and inspiration to get you through this winter? Here are some cozy winter crafts to get you started:

Add a DIY Mini Tassel Fringe to a basic throw.

Add a touch of gold glam to plain white candles.

Make a quick and easy DIY Yarn Wall Hanging.

Add texture with this DIY Woven Pillow.

I hope some of these ideas have left you inspired to break free from the winter blahs this season and start creating a cozy winter retreat in your own home.

Happy decorating 🙂

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    handmade by amalia
    February 14, 2017 at 1:10 am

    Great ideas and tips. I like that you are using a pale palette throughout, it adds to the serene atmosphere.

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      February 14, 2017 at 5:40 am

      I do love a fresh palette. It’s like a blank slate so that any colour or texture I add creates a bit of drama – but just a bit 😉 I love a serene space 🙂

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    February 18, 2017 at 2:47 pm

    I love winter decor, cozy throws and candles…ah just awesome and that bird pillow is so amazing!!! Thanks so much for stopping by at Sweet Inspiration, have a lovely weekend!

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      February 18, 2017 at 5:48 pm

      I love all the soft and cozy accessories of winter, too. Makes you want to curl up on the couch and never leave 😉 Thanks for stopping by Katrin! Take care 🙂

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